The Eternal State

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21 June 2013

Just Notice ...

Q: I have been trying to catch my tail hoping to find diamonds, jewels galore; I keep on hearing your "Stop, stop", hopefully someday I will.

C: So stop looking and notice

Are you aware?

Are you present?

Any doubt that you ARE, right here right now?

That "awareness of being" or "sense of presence" is the naked, natural state, we overlooked it but now it's time to come back to that home we never actually left. Just NOW. You are this NOW. That's it, over and done.

Q: Thanks for everything Charlie, thank you.  After your last above note the events and journey (?): Then in the night around 11 PM when the normal "I" that "I know" was pinned down with absolute attention, and an inquiry was made " Who am I? " for an unknown amount of time, everything vanished except the Love, I AM, the  normal  I ,  I know was not there anymore. There was only a Love that cannot described!! There was I, I, I, I ... only.  At 3: 00 AM that night a note was written to Charlie Hayes in love and thankfulness; there were no fingers to type no tabs to type on everything was I, Love; this was on February 10, 2009 night-morning.

C: Nice! You actually wrote a note from One to One; Self to Self!

Q: Since then everything is peace and freshness; all unnecessary things that was a part of my life is gone-gone down the drain.  That included art ventures, spiritual books, incense,  autographed books; all have no meaning anymore.

C: And none of it ever DID have any “meaning”. Good “seeing” happening there… !

Q: Now, about three weeks later, the inquiry Who Am I? goes on continuously.

Occasionally the fear of the appearance cheating mind comes in with all its goriness the so called sweet addictions, and they do not find safe haven any more, too long.  Still am afraid that the mind is sneaking in as I am communicating with you now and am mortally afraid to talk to you one to one on a telephone that opportunity you have offered so gracefully.

C: All sounds basically fine! "The mind" ... what is that? Where is any "mind"? Fear is a residue of a "me" trying to re-assert itself to avoid its demolition (the thought "Who Am I?" is the great compassion that destroys the ignorance of false assumptions). If you'd like to talk about this we can certainly do that.

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