The Eternal State

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23 March 2013

Just The Facts Please

Nasty stuff happens, and then that contacted pattern of Infinite Energy commonly called “the individual” complains about it out of resistance to What Is. In this appearing life, there are ups and downs for everyone! The pendulum swings back and forth between wanted and unwanted so long as there is the contraction of "individuality". Friends die, or worse become “enemies”. Lovers leave. You lose a great job and cannot find another no matter how hard you try. You lose a ton of money is a crazy stock market. You are caught by a hurricane or an oil spill! No truer words were ever spoken: SHIT HAPPENS. And the assumption is, it happens “to ME” and therefore “I suffer”.

But IS there really a solid separate I or me? Or is that a pattern, a contracted energy that exists only as a bundle of thoughts, concepts, feelings, sensations, perceptions and experiences that happen beyond “your” ability to control!? Is that assumption of separation actually TRUE? The Sages have repeatedly urged a deeper looking, an authentic self-inquiry; what IS this I believe I am? Who AM I”? What IS The Eternal State?

Maybe, if it is to happen in the unfolding of What Is, there will appear a questioning of that assumption of your self-conceptual thought-identity: Is it true? How do I know it is true? Then it may be suddenly seen that no one is speaking-thinking, and no one is listening-thinking; there are not two speaker-listener entities, it is a ONLY a story, a “tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing”. But there must be a sincere effort to discover that the story is ONLY a story and no different than a mirage in the desert: unreal as appearance, real as essence-no thing. As the great Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj noted, “There must be earnestness”. All the great Gurus since the beginning of this illusion of Time have said the same thing in a thousand different ways.

So in the story, the cinema show, the pendulum swings; everything is ALWAYS changing! But wait! What is That IN which that pendulum swings? And what is at the open center, the fulcrum, of that pendulum? The space IN which the fulcrum appears is the basis and Source … of This … Living Reality…

You are That … the Space … A Locationless Being-Eternity AKA God … IN which (and AS which) the opposites of duality appear. The movie show is entrancing only so long as that assumed-individual i.e. the energy contracted into a little speck of apparent temporality we call "me" is still happening. Yet all the while, What You Are remains ever present as Intemporality, The Eternal Statelessness...

Meanwhile a statement of pure FACT may provide some momentary insight (or more) ... "THY Will Be Done" ... i.e. NOT "my" will but "Thine" meaning ... Totality, the Universal Unfoldingness ... That is pointed at by The Buddha in: "Actions happen, deeds are done, but there is NO 'individual doer' thereof!"

Thy Will Be Done: That's a statement of fact!

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