The Eternal State

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21 February 2013

Ah, the Fictional Self called 'me"...

We are conditioned by environs and DNA to accept a blatant falsehood: "I am a SEPARATE ME with power and will to accomplish.

That "ME" is FALSE! Period!

 I do not call it a "possibly false sense of me"  or control, or self-will!! It is an ABSOLUTE fake. The "me"-character is a fictional entity devoid of any reality save its substance, pure I Consciousness  Full Stop. 

ALL that chimera, that ghost appearance, actually IS, is a linguistic formation, made of no thing at all, a cloud of nothing whose only function is to CLAIM what the Universal Totality does as ITS volitional chosen action. But for GOD'S (YOUR) SAKE do NOT believe or agree! These fool's words as best point to That which IS, PRIOR to language. Look in the Naked Space here in and as which you exist (you DO exist, don't you!?)It takes a far deeper looking to see the root, the Absolute Being-No-Thing that us at the very silent Heart of if all.

Remember: the False Sense IS FALSE! Period! Missing THAT point the whole business just becomes more dogma and doctrine (i.e. a great load of utter 'spiritual crap',) Keep this clean and unfettered with non-absolute relgio-political bullshit. Please!

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