The Eternal State

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17 October 2013

Can Space "cause" anything!?

Question. Since your views and mine are so similar, I feel that your answers are able to clarify some confusions.

Charlie: We shall see!

Q: For example, I was talking to someone last night, explaining that, in my view, there is no you and me, there is only self. Separation is an illusion as is birth and death, past, present, and future. Everything is happening right now, right now.

And where is any “now”? Now is but a concept. Being-A-Consciousness is PRIOR to any “time”, even “now”, which concept implies it’s opposite conception of :”Not-Now”. Do you see that, in the Eternal Being which we are, there is (as the Sage Seng Ts’an put it in his Hsin Hsin Ming, “There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, no today?” All concepts of time, present or otherwise, are dualistic. But in Nonduality i.e. Eternality, there is NO duality. There is only Wholeness; only this-that-IS which cannot be captured or known by the thinking machinery we call “mind”. In fact as people often ask, isn’t it really difficult to rediscover who we are? The answer is no, it is not difficult. It is impossible! Full Stop. As Nisargadatta Maharaj pointed out, appreciation of the immutable FACT that there is no such thing as “enlightenment” IS in fact enlightenment. Once the apperception is clean and clear that no one get’s enlightenment, the enlightenment (Light of Being-Consciousness) that simply always IS is no longer apparently obscured by the seeking of it!

Q: When we relate stories about our past, we are expressing thoughts that are occurring right now. Similarly, if we predict the future, our thoughts about the future are happening right now.   So, as Werner Erhard has said, what we are is “the space in which things happen.” Inevitably, the discussion came to the old conundrum. I was asked, if we are the space in which things happen, did we cause the holocaust and the Kennedy Assassination? I have no real answer for that except to say, we embrace it all. Do you have any thoughts as to how best to answer that question (other than to say "Who's asking the question?)

C: Look at that question! It is utterly oxymoronic. HOW COULD ‘SPACE’ CAUSE ANYTHING? Space, Awareness, Beingness, has NO PROPERTIES, NO POWERS to DO or NOT DO a damned thing! Who is it that is entertaining such nonsensical mental noise and making it significant? WHO WANTS TO KNOW?

This Holographic Universe" is an UN-caused play of light and shadow. Like a Hologram that cannot appear unless the Laser Light is on, this Universal-appearance arises ONLY because the Absolute Subject, like Laser Light, is "ON" (And That is never off. It is what and who we are!)  And so the assassinations or holocausts or Tsunamis etc etc never happened in reality. These appearances are no more real than the events in a dream you had a few nights ago. You fixate on a dream and assume it is real. This wants investigation ... not for some philosophical mental Mensa-like spiritual cocktail party banter, but to dive UNDER to root of your suffering and sever the sucker once and for all: WHO WANTS TO KNOW?

As Herbert Spencer warns, “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation”.  So ... investigate!

And at last it is obvious: As Ramana Maharshi put it so directly, "There is no path, no goal, no creation, no destruction. Nothing ever happened. This is the Final Truth." Ponder!

"Cause" and "effect" are only conceptual notions of a conceptual false sense of a "me" entity, a dreamed-character. Remove language. You are That which IS, and prior to language... there is NO word for What-IS.

Ponder! I Love You.

Q Thanks.

C: De Nada!!

"The universe is uncaused, like a net of jewels in which each is only the reflection of all the others in a fantastic interrelated harmony without end." ~Ramesh Balsekar